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Firstly to explain the meaning of our Affix Lemiz, my husband Chris and I are very fond of Musical Productions, and chose one of our favourites Les Miserables as our affix theme, shortened of course to Lemiz, hence the names given to many of our show dogs being characters from this masterpiece. We have been in the breed since 1997, but our knowledge of conformation and movement comes from having competion horses and ponies for the past 40 years, so soundness is something we feel very strongly about.

We had no idea back in '97 just how much this wonderful fascinating breed would completely take over our lives. To date our greatest claim to fame is having bred the TOP UK CRESTED in 2001 CH Lemiz Fantine JW. Not to put our other successfully progeny in the shade of course as we are indeed very proud of our INTERNATIONAL Champions and Champions and up and coming youngsters throughout the world. We have also made some wonderful friends in many countries due to our Lemiz Cresteds.

We hope you enjoy the photos of our special dogs, and we should like to tell you that first and foremost they are our companions, and secondly our show dogs. Chris & Anita Rowntree Kennel Lemiz U.K.

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